Auction of János Wagner's collection

2016. November 2

15 December, Thursday 5 pm

Dear Customers,

we gladly inform you about the auction of a diverse and exciting collection that will be held within our Christmas auction series. The collection is enriched by paintings, furnitures, carpets, Folk Art, Asian and African objects. The collection can be viewed separately from the beginning of December in our gallery.

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Wagner János

painter, graphic

Birth place: Budapest

Birth date: 1936


Masters: Fónyi Géza, Szőnyi István, Domanovszky Endre.

He graduated in 1962 at Hungarian University of Fine Arts as the pupil of Géza Fónyi, István Szőnyi és Endre Domanovszky. 1968-71: Derkovits- Scholarship; 1981: Price of the Italian Tourist Agency; 1983: Petőfi-competition 1st place, Kiskőrös; 1993: Salgótarjáni Spring Salons, Department price; 1997: Fellowship of the Hungarian Painters; 2004: Munkácsy Mihály-price. From 1978 to 1983 teacher in the Window-dresser School and between 1983-96 teacher at the Technical college for Technical and Fine Arts. Retired in 1996. Academic tour on various countries in Europe and Vietnam. Member of the management of the Fellowship of Fine Arts and Industrial Arts, Co-Chair of the Fellowship of German artists in Hungary, and member of MFT and the Hungarian Watercolour Painter Association. His work aims to join the depiction with the representation. Thematically he is occupied with the today's men's vital questions and feelings.


Individual exhibition:

1970 – Hanoi (Vietnam) – Mednyánszky Hall, Budapest

1977 – Fészek Club, Budapest

1982 – Medgyessy Hall, Debrecen

1991 – French Institute, Budapest

1993 – Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

1994 – Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

1997 – Bank Center, Budapest

2000 – Fény-képek, Stúdió 1900 Gallery


Selected Group Exhibition:

1965 – 10. Hungarian Art Exhibition, Műcsarnok, Budapest

1976 – IV. International Graphic Biennálé, Frechen (NSZK)

1978 – VII. International Graphic Biennálé, Krakow

1993 – Spring Salons, Salgótarján

2000 – Dialogue. Painting on the on the Millenial, Műcsarnok, Budapest


Works in Public Collection:

Janus Pannonius Museum Modern Gallery, Pécs

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Petőfi Museum, Kiskőrös



Frank J.: Omaggio, Élet és Irodalom, 1991/1.

Wehner T.: Gomolygásban. – festőművész kiállítása, Új Művészet, 1992/1.

Keserü K.: Festett fény. – kiállítása elé, Új Művészet, 1994/5.

Wehner T.: Fény-képek, Új Művészet, 2000/10.


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