Highlights of our Jubilee auction

2014. June 26

200th auction

Jubilee auction – highlights

Nagyházi Gallery celebrated the 30th anniversary of the gallery's foundation in May organizing the 200th jubilee auction. During the past thirty years we have auctioned nearly 150 000 works of art of various genre with success achieving international record prices in many cases. Despite the continuous changes of the art market, our gallery retained its leading role as one of the most important Hungarian art galleries and auction houses. The wide range of high quality items may be traced back in our catalogues or on our website. According to our tradition, beside a fine selection of Old Masters, 19-20th century paintings, we offered a wide range of decorative works of art, such as furniture, carpets, glass works, fayence, oriental art, jewellery and silver works. In the present catalogue we have assembled a selection of the highlights of our jubilee auction. Along with the passionate private collectors, a public collection, the Museum of Fine Arts has also purchased an important painting for its collection, Simone Pignoni’s Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine. With four annual auctions and special sales including over 5 000 items, Nagyházi Gallery offers 30 years of expertise and experience for our clients.


1.: Pignoni, Simone (Firenze, 1611/14 - Firenze, 1698)
The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, circa 1660
4 800 000 - 7 000 000 HUF
2.: Compton, Edward Theodore (London, 1849 - Feldafing, 1921)
Alpine landscape with hunters
750 000 - 8 000 000 HUF
3.: Barabás Miklós (Kézdimárkosfalva, 1810 - Budapest, 1898)
Portrait of Kovács Pál actor and director of the theatre, 1845 - With poster of the play: A Koldus leány 1845. március 30.
440 000 - 1 200 000 HUF
4.: Plate
Haban, 1714, tin-glazed faience, "Karol Kafka" inscription
600 000 - 1 300 000
5.: Decorative box
French, end of 19th century, painted porcelain, bronze fitments, inside: slik overlay
120 000 - 750 000 HUF
6.: 883. Glass (guild glass)
German, engraved 1679 date, additional plague coin: "tallér" on foot from 1528, antique silver fire-gilt, mantle and engraved guild badge with monograms of guild members
420 000 - 1 000 000 HUF
7.: Compton, Edward Theodore (London, 1849 - Feldafing, 1921)
Alpine landscape with hunters     detail