On view

2017. February 9

February 2017 – fountain-pen exhibition

Dear Clients,
the exhibition of the Zoltán Kovács collection, consisting of fountain pens and other antique writing instruments is open from today until 21 February. The objects arranged by the collector allow us a glimpse into an interesting world. We hardly use these objects in our modern, electronic world any more but they still seem to be natural parts of our lives. The exhibition introduces these objects from a new aspect: the chronological order of their development.
The event is the third small exhibition of the Nagyházi Art Foundation. In February 2016, a keychain collection was put in the limelight in our gallery and in the summer of the same year, an exhibition of peasant chairs was opened in the granary of the Alsóbogát Small Castle. Through these exhibitions, the Foundation intends to present collections that the wider public has never had a chance to see. Entrance is free, and everybody is welcome.