History Of The Gallery

Nagyházi Gallery is one of the most established Hungarian auction houses. 

We opened our antique shop in Járőr Street in 1984. The small area of about 60 square metres developed into a multi-storey gallery of 200 square metres at the beginning of the 1990's, a suitable place to show and offer for sale the widest range of works of art and antiquities. 

April 14th 1994 was a landmark in the history of the gallery when in a Thursday afternoon Nagyházi Gallery and Auction House made its debut to the public and to the world of art in the wonderfully spacious new gallery at 8 Balaton Street. 

In the same year we held our first auction with the collaboration of Sotheby's: with Peter Batkin, Head of the Old Master Painting Department, London, as auctioneer and his assistant, Countess Soraya Stubenberg, Head of the Budapest Office of Sotheby's. The auction hall of approximately 400 square metres was filled to capacity with customers and collectors. This exemplary event initiated the opening of quite a number of new auction houses in Budapest. 

Since the first auction our gallery has followed a well-proven business strategy. All fields of art are dealt with. Ten to twenty auctions are organized each year presented by representative and illustrated catalogues. The auctions are led by Marietta Soóky, one of the most professional auctioneers in Hungary. Our gallery is also engaged in the administration of bequests. 

Contrary to the practice of the first years, we organize genre specific auctions from the increasing number of works of art consigned to the gallery every year. Besides the auctions of paintings, graphic works of art, sculptures, we hold auctions of furniture, carpets, objects of virtue, watches, jewellery, silverware and other works of art including the successful auctions of works of folk art. 

It is proven by the representative exhibitions, the catalogues, the various printed materials and the auctions great national and international interest that Nagyházi Gallery is one of the leading auction houses in Hungary. The reliable work and sound knowledge of our professional team of art historians, experts and restorers guarantee the success of our gallery.